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How To Add Shoppable Instagram Feed On Shopify?

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Want to attract audiences to your online store, drive inspiration and grow sales? While still entertaining and standing out from the competition? Try adding a shoppable Instagram feed on Shopify.

Instagram has become one of the most attended social media platforms. Users leverage the platform to learn about products they can incorporate into their lives, connect with brands, and stay updated with what their peers are up to. 

For online stores bringing this content to their Shopify storefront can help overcome the absence of personalization in consumer buying experiences. While all this might sound a bit overwhelming, Taggshop can help you seamlessly create and publish a shoppable Instagram feed on your Shopify storefront.

How Can Taggshop Help You Turn Instagram Content Shoppable?

Capitalizing on shoppers’ attraction and inspiration can drive massive sales for the eCommerce brands, which is precisely what Taggshop provides!

It is a social commerce platform that turns brand and user-generated content on social media platforms into shoppable galleries, which can then be embedded into the eCommerce website or online store of the brands. 

Install Taggshop For Free To Add Instagram Feed To Your Shopify Store

Leveraging Taggshop, piloting on-site conversions, social proof, and user engagement becomes incredibly effective. Brands can create shoppable UGC galleries, social shops, shoppable Instagram feed, visual shops, product page galleries, Lookbooks, etc., to inspire, inform, and instantly gratify users on their purchases. 

Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg! The platform brings forth a lot more, but if you found this promising, you know Taggshop makes an ideal platform to embed an Instagram shop feed on your Shopify website in minutes. 

How Can you Add Shoppable Instagram Feed on Your Shopify Storefront?

You can integrate shoppable Instagram on your Shopify eCommerce without any technicalities with Taggshop. Here are the steps: 

1. Install the Taggshop app from Shopify App Store

Once you install the Taggshop Shopify App you will be able to integrate shoppable social feeds viz-a-viz., shoppable Instagram feeds, visual UGC, shoppable UGC feeds, inspiration galleries, easily on your Shopify storefront. Keep reading to learn how.

Add Shoppable Instagram Feeds into Shopify Store!

2. After installing the app, you’ll be redirected to our app where you can create Shoppable Galleries after choosing your preferred source network. Here, choose Instagram as an example

Taggshop social commerce

3. Next, choose your feed type – hashtag(here), handle, mentions, etc, and click on ‘create feed’ or ‘connect to Instagram’ button.

Create shoppable Instagram feed on Shopify

4. Now, authenticate with Facebook to provide access of your Instagram business account

Shoppable Instagram feed

On successfully collecting posts from Instagram to your Taggshop account, follow the below steps to make them shoppable.

5. Moderate the Instagram hashtag feed, make it relevant to your brand’s content and add customizations to enhance user experience.

6. Next, choose the ‘tag products’ option from the sidebar, and all your posts from Instagram to be made shoppable will pop up.

7. Now, click on the ‘tag products’ button under any post, and a pop-up will appear

8. Search the product to which you want to add the tag and click on the product to tag it to the post. 

Add shoppable Instagram feed on Shopify

9. Now, to publish your Shoppable Instagram feed on the Shopify website, tap on the ‘publish’ button at the left bottom

10. Next, choose Shopify from the given options of CMS platforms, and you will come across the steps to do in your store.

Shoppable Instagram on Shopify

11. You can auto-publish the feed on your Shopify store by selecting the placement options OR  ‘Copy‘ the given ‘LiteCode’ and log in to your Shopify account.

12. Navigate to the webpage where you wish to display the Shoppable Instagram Feed. Paste the copied code on the backend of the website.

And that’s about it. You have finally added a shoppable Instagram feed on your Shopify website.

Turn Your Visitors To Conversions by Adding Shoppable Instagram Feed Into Your Shopify Store

Why Should You Consider Adding a Shoppable Instagram Feed on Shopify?

Enhanced Customer Engagement

People connect to visuals more than any other format of content. In eCommerce especially, shoppers seek to learn from the real experiences of others before deciding whether or not to go ahead with the brand. Bringing users’ visuals from Instagram into the online shopping experience can enhance engagement. 

When Instagram’s content is turned shoppable, it can potentially attract visitors’ attention, enhance product imagination, and inspire them to learn more about the brand. 

Showcase Authentic & Relevant Content

Shoppers do not anymore want perfect or massive professionals. They want real, content that they can relate to. According to stats, 88% of the consumers claim that authenticity is important when deciding which brands to support, while 59% of consumers voted UGC as the most authentic content format. 

Content generated on Instagram by general users is aesthetic, influential, and relevant. Incorporating this into your Shopify storefront can win the trust and help potential customers relate more to your brand. 

Promotes Emotional Loyalty

Rewarding customers to feel connected to and a part of the brands is essential. Further, to enhance customer retention, building connections are foundational.

Surveys suggest consumers are much more invested in their favourite brands than in the past, looking at the shopper-brand relationship as more than just a transactional exchange. 

The survey respondents were more likely to spend on a brand they are loyalists of because for most customers, considering just the monetary aspect of things isn’t enough. A Shoppable Instagram feed on your Shopify storefront can make your users feel valued, thus inspiring them to stick by. 

Social Commerce Has Moved Beyond ‘Social’

The concept of social commerce has moved past just selling on social media platforms. Bringing content from social media to eCommerce by turning it shoppable is a futuristic strategy. 

Leveraging Taggshop, brands can collect users’ content generated on multiple platforms, curate it into a shoppable feed, and integrate it seamlessly into shoppable experiences. Moreover, with the social commerce market size predicted to stand at $6.2 Trillion by 2030, creating strategies to stay ahead of the curve is a no-brainer. 

Grow Your Shopify Store’s Trust & Sales

Embed Shoppable Instagram Feed With Taggshop

Over To You 

Adding a shoppable Instagram feed on Shopify is a way to enhance customer experience.