Black Friday Marketing Strategies

15 Successful Black Friday Marketing Strategies For 2023

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The best part about the festivals and holidays is the refreshing and fascinating Black Friday marketing strategies & sales. Such surprising deals are always enticing and immersive that blow away customers’ minds and fill them with thrilling excitement.

The busiest shopping days are on its way; Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Online marketers are pulling up their socks with their Black Friday marketing campaigns to fit perfectly for customers’ needs.

Starting from Thanksgiving, online retailers offer massive discounts to the customers for consecutive five days that ends on Monday, popularly known as Cyber Monday.

As an online merchant, this weekend is the most precious time of the year that yields enormous sales.

In this blog, we have discussed how to draft and design your Black Friday marketing strategies & cyber Monday marketing ideas to boost your Black Friday sales until Cyber Monday.

What Is Black Friday?

Following this American Thanksgiving day, naturally being the last Friday of November, the day is called the “Black Friday.”

It all started in Philadelphia, which always observed high traffic of shopaholic consumers just the day after Thanksgiving. Since then, this day is celebrated as the shopping festival by both the customers and retailers.

Moreover, this is not just the end; it starts long before Friday, i.e., from the starting of Black Friday week and continues till the next day, officially called “Cyber Monday.” This five-day shopping festival is the most yielding time for the retailers by clearing their colossal stockpile.

Black Friday Marketing ideas

Statistics say,

Black Friday 2019 saw 93.2 million buyers shopping online, and the sales hit an astonishing figure of $7.4 billion. So these facts show the importance of result-driven Black Friday marketing strategies.

To come into possession of this enormous figure, and the whopping response of the buyers, brands need to get their hands on the proven strategies to boost their sales during this online shopping carnival.

15 Best Black Friday Marketing Strategies & Ideas

To move up the ladder of increasing online traffic, and to attract the customers swiftly with the exciting deals and offers, have a look at these sure-fire Black Friday marketing ideas.

1. Shoppable Content = Brand Sales & Trust

To start with the best and most valuable black Friday marketing strategy, you can get started with Shoppable galleries, a.k.a Shoppable Content

Shoppable galleries or Shoppable feeds are a brand’s social media or user-generated visual content featuring brand products that can be turned into Shoppable content by tagging products, price, details, and CTA. 

Shoppable content

You can collect visual content, tag your products to it, and publish these shoppable galleries on websites, emails, or your social media profile. 

It is an excellent strategy for eCommerce & online brands to boost sales, increase user engagement, build brand awareness, grow trust, and much more with minimum investments. 

Platforms like Taggshop can help you to turn your social media, UGC, and other visual content into Shoppable feeds & galleries.

Create A Robust Black Friday Marketing Strategy By Leveraging Shoppable UGC

2. The Hours & The Deals

What’s better than surprising your customers with interesting and attractive deals and offers every hour.

One of the most popular Black Friday marketing tips that cheer them up and encourages them to revisit your online store frequently to avail of the offers. 

Black Friday Deals

While rushing off their feet by getting involved with the changes in offers now and then, brands can also promote their deals of an hour on their social media networks using the scheduling app like Buffer. It helps the brands stay free from chaotic and hectic promotions and stay organized this weekend.

Not to forget, an attractive homepage banner is to be created by the brands for displaying the smashing deals and offers every hour.

3. Smarter Social Marketing To Attract Customers

In this social media addict world, there is a constant increase in the number of online buyers inspired by social media and its content.

According to a survey, millennials are the most prominent buyers in black Friday sales. And the underlying fact that the highest percentage of social media users are millennials demonstrates the relevance of taking advantage of social media channels to exhibit the brand and its products.

Shoppable image

Using scheduling apps, brands should schedule the post within a suitable time frame, i.e., time of the day when people are most active socially.

Brands should plan their Black Friday marketing campaigns for social media much before the sale starts and implement it efficiently to boost awareness and sales.

4. Evergreen Tempting Benefits

Black Friday marketing campaigns, you might relate this word with massive discounts on brands with exciting offers. But, this is not exactly what the customers get.

They get much more!

Starting from free shipping, easy returns, cash backs, bonus points, rewards, gift cards, and whatnot! All this comes with this festive sale to make the customers feel overwhelmed about the brand.

It is an effective and smart way to gain your customer reach and amplify the number of loyal customers.

5. Hashtags Enable Greater Brand Discoverability

The best way to expand your reach on social media channels is by utilizing dedicated hashtags. 

Eg- #BlackFriday #FridaySales #ThanksgivingSales #BlackFridayDiscounts #CyberMonday #WeekendSales etc.

This helps the brands to enhance visibility among social media users and easy discoverability of its products during the famous Black Friday sale. It will enable you to reach the customers who are looking for specific deals of the day.

6. Don’t Ditch The Offers & Coupons

“Buy 2, get 1 free! or, Refer this to your friend and get 50% off on your next purchase.”

Does this statement attract you?

I guess, yes! Who would not want to get their desires and wishes fulfilled, even without spending much?  

Black Friday marketing strategy

You can even send personalized emails with an eye-catching subject line to your potential customers about the offers and discounts, to connect directly with their emotions, and build a strong relationship with them. 

All you need is to create an appealing reward system with the expiry date to evoke the sense of urgency in your customers that triggers them to purchase.

7. Create Pre-Sale Brand Curiosity

The question that arises is how to stimulate and magnetize your customers towards the Friday sale and prompt them to involve in the sale.

It is a perfect way to make more sales as the timer beside the product provokes the customer to make the immediate purchase without giving any thought of abandoning the product.

Black Friday Marketing campaigns

It fosters the interest of the customers to plan their purchase even before the sale starts.

8. Reignite Potential Customers From Past

Abandoned products in shopping carts are prevalent these days and are a big problem for online retailers.

Often people traverse through the website, add products to their carts, and abandon them due to complex purchase barriers like hefty shipping charges and product tax.

By adding products in their carts, customers have proved their interest in the brands.

So, this is the perfect time to remarket your products with exciting offers to those customers. You can entice them with attractive and valuable discounts that influence their decision.

9. Extend A Bit More

Many brands share the offers and rewards for mostly the seasonal days and festive days, which leads to missing out on many customers who make late purchases. 

So, it would be best if you planned to add a buffer period to your Black Friday marketing strategies to capture these early birds or late-wakers.

10. Conduct Test Runs For Your Strategies

Planning and execution are two highly different things as if all the marketing strategies were executed as planned; then, it would be all profits for the brands. 

So, you must conduct test runs for your Black Friday marketing strategies to find out the gaps and shortcomings that you can correct and get into the field with proper preparation & execution.

11. Exclusive Channel-specific Offers

There are many channels that a brand has like a Website, Social Media, Mobile App, Emails, In-store, Etc. So, you should create channel-specific offers as well for Black Friday. 

It will help you reach a greater audience and tap into a wide audience network for more conversion opportunities like you can embed offers & engaging UGC through embedding social media feeds on the website with full legal rights.

12. Pre-Order To Skip Lines & Stock Issues

Now this year has been all about social distancing and digital solutions rather than offline shopping so you can get customers to pre-order and make purchases before the Black Friday. 

You would have to provide the same offers as Black Friday in advance. It will help manage stock accordingly and skip the hassle of long lines outside stores i.e., more safety. 

13. Synergy Among Brand Platforms

You might have to create different offers for different channels, but you should maintain synergy in Black Friday advertising campaigns in the bigger picture. 

Multi-channel seasonal sale

So that users aren’t confused when exploring and looking for a shop through your brand platforms, Synergized efforts will also ensure maximum visibility and minimum investments collectively.

14. Contactless In-Store Shopping

It is one of the important strategies this year, given the global situation where you have to maintain a distance in public spaces and maintain a sanitized environment. 

In-store marketing strategy

Therefore, as a brand, you should focus on making elements of your In-store shopping experience contactless and quicker. This includes contactless payment, hands-free product trial, Augmented reality, virtual reality, etc.

15. Moment Marketing Management

Moment marketing is a trending concept that utilizes the strategy of leveraging trending topics among audiences relating to offline and online environments and integrating them with your brand’s marketing content.

As a brand, you can create topical social media marketing strategies on trending events and share them on social platforms. It will generate positive brand awareness and connection between the users and the brand.

Boost Your Conversions With A ROI-Driven Black Friday Marketing Strategy By Using Social Commerce Through Taggshop

Over To You

As an online marketer, you might always anticipate higher sales and more customer engagement, but getting customers’ smooth inflow is still a tedious task.

This blog has shared some important Black Friday marketing ideas and strategies that will help you intensify your marketing campaigns and boost your sales during the Black Friday season. 

Adopt the above ideas and tactics and ensure your store’s best revenue this Black Friday festive season with amazing holiday marketing ideas.