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Malandra Uses Taggshop’s Shoppable UGC Galleries To Boost Sales

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Quoting Vogue, “Malandra jewelry is a brand that reflects power, femininity, and elegance which undoubtedly highlight the beauty of every woman.”

Malandra is a premium jewelry brand from Mexico with the objective of enhancing the style and femininity of every woman through quality, variety, and excellent customer service. 

Malandra, with a team of over 30 Mexican women, works with dedication to highlighting women’s power. 

Malandra wanted to showcase its social presence on its website and in this bid, they got in touch with Taggshop to increase its sales and conversions through shoppable UGC product page galleries.

The Challenge

Connecting With Users On A Personal Level To Boost Sales

When people decide to buy jewelry, they look to understand how it is going to look on them.

Visual marketing in this sense becomes an integral part of the marketing process that looks to attract, engage and convert customers.

Now, displaying pictures of jewelry pieces through models as pictures of the day brings sales but doesn’t appear authentic and brands fail to create a personal connection with their potential customers.

Potential customers require something authentic, reliable, and credible that they can connect with. 

Malandra felt that they needed to try a different approach in order to connect with their customers on a personal level to boost their revenue. 

And this is where Shoppable Instagram and UGC galleries from Taggshop came into the picture.

The Solution

Shoppable Content & UGC Galleries Brought The Desired Results

Malandra being a Shopify merchant, wanted to have an app that could be easily embedded on its website and Taggshop met this requirement of theirs. 

Shoppable UGC

Malandra had a well-built engaged social community that they wanted to broadcast on their website. Taggshop helped them attain this through shoppable UGC galleries. 

Taggshop’s shoppable UGC galleries displayed customers’ wearing Malandra’s jewelry pieces. Customers became a part of the shoppable UGC gallery by adding their pictures & videos through the on-site upload feature.

“We were able to provide UGC to our users while navigating our website, it has helped us increase our sales as well!”

Sandra Mejia, Marketing Manager at Malandra

Integrate Shoppable UGC Galleries Into Your Jewellery Store With Taggshop

The Results

Monthly 4K Clicks, 1.7M Impressions, +72.7% Engagement

The results Malandra received after using the shoppable UGC galleries of Taggshop were really inspiring.

Malandra experienced 4000 monthly clicks on shoppable posts/CTAs, 700K views on the Homepage gallery, and 330K post engagements. 

The number of visitors crossed 0.2 million after Malandra displayed a shoppable UGC gallery on their website.

On top of all this, the brand received a +72.7% engagement rate which surprised the brand owners.

“We have using Taggshop for more than a year now. Their client service is amazing and we love how we can feature in the exact moment of user’s journey & the UGC content of our product. We are able to show content where we are being tagged in such an easy and fast way.

Highly Recommended”

Malandra Jewelry, Mexico

The Conclusion

Nowadays, online stores rely heavily on visual content to engage customers, inspire them, and increase sales. When you use visual user-generated content, the benefits are multiplied.

Creating UGC into shoppable UGC galleries through Taggshop bridges the gap between ideas and actions, resulting in more sales, immediate purchases, and increased revenue. 

Additionally, it simplifies the online shopping process for customers.

Integrate Shoppable UGC Galleries Into Your E-commerce store With Taggshop