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How ‘So Broome’ Uses Shoppable UGC Gallery to Boost Visitors’ Engagement With Taggshop

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“We used Taggshop to re-purpose user-generated content created from people holidaying in Broome and displayed it on our website to drive more traffic. Additionally, the tool’s ability to tag our products to UGC is extremely helpful”  

-Founder & Manager, So Broome 

So Broome is the ultimate traveler’s guide that intends to give its users a peep inside what people around are doing. It is the one-stop solution for finding fun activities, concerts and events happening around Broome.

Travelers can plan their entire trip – including restaurants they should visit, places of excursion and other events and activities with So Broome.

Turn Travel Inspiration into Bookings With Shoppable UGC Galleries

Driving Traffic To Bookable Tours By Repurposing UGC

Being a tour and travel guide, the brand’s primary goal was to drive traffic to its website and turn its visitors’ inspiration into bookings. By repurposing UGC shared on social platforms – promoting bookable tours becomes achievable. 

Visitors often leave a website within only a few seconds of landing on it for many reasons but the most vexing one is – well, pre-shot, brand-generated visuals. 

“We found Taggshop’s ability to turn UGC into a shoppable gallery amazing!”

– Founder & Manager, So Broome.

Turning a brand’s boring websites into attractive pages of shoppable social content is one amazing feature of Taggshop, that leads conversions for brands across categories. 

Harnessing The Power Of Visuals To Convert Visitors Into Customers 

2 out of 3 travelers trust the opinion of other people online over traditional brand advertising; leading reason why travel & leisure brands are leveraging authentic visuals from social channels in marketing. 

Visuals are powerful motivators and a set of captivating images, videos or any other form of social content is more than enough to fuel travelers to actually make their travel plans.

Sobroome’s community is mainly comprised of travel-savvy people, who are run by spontaneity.

We used Taggshop in a very specific manner to help drive traffic to our bookable tours, through re-purposing UGC from people holidaying in Broome”

– Founder & Manager, So Broome.

With Taggshop, Sobroome used branded content and user-generated and turned it into a social feed of a shoppable gallery by tagging its products in the social feed and converting its visitors into customers, all through authentic visual marketing.  

Sobroome shoppable UGC gallery

Providing A Good Support System 

No matter the type of service or client, a good support system goes a long way. The team of Sobroome was able to create an engaging feed without needing any technical knowledge because of Taggshop’s user-friendly interface.  

“It was a great experience using the tool. The team was prompt to provide assistance and any technical issues were resolved quickly by support”

– Founder & Manager, So Broome.

Understanding the process of a new tool can feel like a challenge but with the right assistance, Sobroome was able to create a compelling social feed and embed it into their website smoothly.

Convert Content Into Commerce With Shoppable UGC & Drive Conversions!