Everything You Need To Know About Influencer Marketing

Reading Time: 9 minutes Scroll through any platform – Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok – it’s almost impossible not to come across some form of influencer marketing. They are everywhere, across categories, creating content in every format(reels, IGTV, stories, posts, or videos) – and this is just the beginning! Though influencer marketing started 15 years ago, it came to a […]

13 minute read

Shoppable Instagram Feed – How To Set Up Instagram Shop & Get Sales

Reading Time: 7 minutes Shoppable Instagram feed – a term that has been in trend among the ecommerce brands and online stores that sell physical products and services.  Brands who sell online consider Instagram as the supreme social media platform for their marketing campaigns. And rightly so! As it brings the most potential to drive sales, traffic, and engagement.  […]

9 minute read

Shoppable Videos: Its Definition, Benefits, Examples, & Platforms

Reading Time: 7 minutes Video marketing or content marketing holistically has evolved a lot as the need for engagement and valuable content rises. This has led to the emergence of Shoppable videos.  Video is the most inspiring, engaging and exciting form of content, especially when used in the ecommerce or online shopping ecosystem.  Shoppable Videos take online shopping to […]

8 minute read

6 Successful Social Commerce Examples & Best Tools

Reading Time: 7 minutes With the rise in eCommerce, social media consumption, and advancement in technology, we are witnessing a new wave in shopping i.e. Social commerce. There are new social commerce examples popping every day. It is of no surprise that nowadays people are spending more of their time on social media. To an increasing extent, social media […]

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Shoppable Instagram Complete Guide For Brands & Businesses

Reading Time: 7 minutes In recent times, Shoppable Instagram feeds have been immensely popular among the online and eCommerce brands.  Social media is extensively becoming the shopping hub for consumers and this has attracted the attention of millions of users as it has made their shopping experience more seamless and delightful.  Starting from getting inspired by the product stories […]

8 minute read

Social Commerce Guide With Its Definition, Benefits, & Strategies For Brands

Reading Time: 14 minutes “Social commerce has been the biggest revolution of the ecommerce and online shopping industry in recent years.” Customers are now looking for the easiest, engaging, and most meaningful shopping experiences that provide maximum value with minimum or no challenges.  And it is rightly said that “Customers are the king.” They define a brand’s success, growth, […]

19 minute read

Social Shopping In 2022: What Is It & Why Your Brand Needs It Now?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Social shopping is the new-age result-driven marketing strategy that brands are focusing heavily on.  And why shouldn’t they when customers are becoming more comfortable with the concept of exploring social media for fulfilling their shopping desires? Millions of people explore social media platforms daily to get inspiration about what they can shop, trends, & more. […]

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