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Eureka Street Furniture Gains 15% More Revenue With Taggshop

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All that an ecommerce brand or online store needs is a solution that – Drives Sales, Builds Trust, Engages Users, and Enhances Shopping Experience – Taggshop (previously Taggbox Commerce) delivered this solution successfully to Eureka Street Furniture

Explore how Eureka Street leveraged Taggshop solutions to make their ecommerce website more beneficial, result-driven, and valuable for consumers. 


Increase In Sales


Monthly Views On Gallery

Read and get inspiration from Eureka Street Furniture about using Shoppable Instagram & UGC galleries on their website to successfully attract and acquire customers and tackle key ecommerce marketing challenges. 

The Company

Eureka Street Furniture

Eureka Street Furniture is an Australian brand with a 35 Years long history of providing unique, quality pieces of furniture at affordable prices. 

“When you’re looking to add a special piece of décor to your home, whether it’s a wall or standing mirror or stunning timber furniture, there’s no one better than the team at Eureka Street Furniture.” 

From fantastically modern hardwood to traditional furnishings – They have all the furniture & furnishings that your home needs. 

“With a diverse range of pieces, like walls, standing and hanging mirrors, rustic sofas and sofa beds, aged coffee tables, stunning occasional chairs and more, when you visit any Eureka, you’re bound to find something you love!”

The Challenge

Deliver Imagination & Inspiration To Purchase

When consumers buy furniture & home decor products, they always imagine how it would look in their house or perfectly decorate their house. 

It is always a challenge for the online furniture stores to make the consumers imagine, inspire them, and acquire their interest. Here visual content marketing plays the most important role in attracting, engaging, and converting users when shopping online. 

However, every online store has beautifully “Designed” product photos and videos to give consumers the best views. The challenge is that consumers don’t get engaged or inspired by these stock photos as they lack authenticity, reality, and credibility. 

Eureka Street acknowledged, “We want to build social proof, ignite the consumers’ imagination, inspire them to buy the products, and enhance shopping experience. At the same time, we want to boost online sales and reduce cart abandonment.” 

The quest to find a solution to the aforementioned challenges led them to Shoppable Instagram & UGC galleries by Taggshop.

The Solution

Shoppable Instagram & UGC Galleries

Eureka Street came across Taggshop during their research for Shoppable galleries featuring user-generated content and Instagram feed. 

“During our research, we tried and tested solutions from Yotpo, Bazaarvoice, Photoslurp, & Taggshop. After rigorous comparison, we chose Taggshop as it provided all the social commerce solutions with premium features, reliable support, and most importantly – best pricing among all.”

Eureka Street Furniture

With Taggshop, Eureka Street furniture created two different shoppable galleries for their online store. In the first one, they curated their brand Instagram feed, made it shoppable, and featured it as a Shoppable Instagram feed on their ecommerce website homepage. 

Whereas, for the second gallery, they curated user-generated posts from Instagram using hashtags & mentions. Further, they tagged products to the UGC posts and then published this Shoppable UGC gallery as a new landing page called “Inspiration”. 

The homepage Instagram shoppable feed is connected to the social Shopping UGC Inspiration gallery.

The Results

Monthly 2K Clicks, +15% Revenue, +78% Engagement 

Since the integration of Shoppable Instagram & UGC galleries, Eureka Street experienced 2000 monthly clicks on shoppable posts/CTAs, 500K views on Homepage gallery and 260K post engagements. 

Overall both the shoppable images galleries collectively received 15% more conversions and 78% higher user engagement rate. The conversion rate from Shoppable UGC “Inspiration Gallery” is 12% which is way higher than the industry average. 

Also, the sentiment analysis shows 90% positive sentiment posts in the user-generated content gallery by the users showing a favorable brand image on social platforms. 

“Taggbox Commerce has unlocked a new opportunity for us to turn our social media content uploaded by users (UGC) into a shoppable gallery that is bringing in the desired results successfully.” 

Ecommerce Marketing Manager, ESF

These shoppable galleries have successfully built trust, showcasing inspiring visuals, escalating revenue, and enhancing the customer shopping experience with a seamless and quick journey path.