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Shoppable Images: Turn Visual Content Into Sales

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Since those nostalgic times, when people used to do catalog shopping, marketing & shopping trends have changed tremendously to Shoppable Images now. 

Modern technology has paved the way for online shopping. Glossy magazines have been taken over by e-commerce and this further has been rolled over by social media shopping trends.

Social media channels are giving businesses a smooth platform to stretch out their audience reach and increase revenue without even having a well managed physical store. 

How are businesses doing this? Well! One of the most popular trends is Shoppable Content and Shoppable Instagram or more precisely, Shoppable Images, Shoppable photos, or Shoppable image ads. 

What Is Shoppable Image?

Simply crafted, shoppable images are a form of visual merchandising, that gives the brands the opportunity to collect or create beautiful images that feature products where they tag those products with details, price, checkout option, and buying CTA. 

Taggshop Visual commerce tool helps you add Shoppable tags to your products in images and make them Shoppable. 

shoppable image

Exciting! isn’t it? That within a few moments, an image turns the visitor’s engagement into conversion. It is tough to achieve through costly marketing efforts.

It also helps out the brands to activate the larger audience with this interactive and exquisite Shoppable galleries & feeds.

In simple words, shoppable feeds turn attraction into engagement by adding instant shopping functionality, which further accelerates the path to purchase. 

Attributes of Shoppable Images

With this emerging digital era, audiences are now much more obsessed with vibrant images. Thus they get influenced by these images to make a purchase. 

The opportunity to tag its products using an appealing image, along with its description details to induce the desire of purchase in the visitor.

Shoppable photos enrich your existing images with prolific product details and descriptions and thus helps in driving engagement and sales. 

Here are some key attributes:

  • High-quality images with detailed product information.
  • Shop-now functionality
  • Display detailed information from the existing e-commerce platform.
  • Social sharing of a large variety of product images.
  • Turns inspiration into sales

Also, depending upon what your marketing strategy is, you may associate shoppable photos with various digital channels. Instagram shoppable images, Pinterest shoppable images, Shoppable Image ads Google, or Social Shoppable Image ads are some examples.

These Shoppable photos provide the brands with ample benefits and are a boon to the industry. Here we have discussed features, benefits and how it helps the brands to boost sales.

Similar to images, there are Shoppable videos that allow you to tag products in the video.

Make Your Social Images Shoppable & Increase Conversions

Benefits of Shoppable Images For Brands

1. Shorten Purchase Journey

The Shoppable gallery allows the brands to display high-resolution images with product descriptions and specification tags.

It helps the brands to go beyond with ‘Shoppable links” call to action and directs the customer to the purchase page through a streamlined path.

With the high rates of abandoned products in the cart, brands have shifted from e-commerce sites to social media channels. This is where customers can directly purchase from the social media platform without leaving the page. 

This has reduced the customer’s barriers to purchase. It has superseded the lengthy, tiring, and complex purchase journey and checkout process.

Having a shorter buying journey, along with an easy and quick checkout process with friendly payment options attracts more customers and drives conversions.

2. Legit Advertising With Shoppable UGC

Nowadays, customers are more likely to trust the recommendation of the genuine user rather than the brand self recommendations. They find more potential in the reviews of the general customer over any branded content.

To increase the authenticity of the product, brands use user-generated content i.e the content posted by the user with the product. The UGC is showcasing their lifestyle & the utility and benefits of the products. 

Make image shoppable

Brands integrate all the relevant Shoppable UGC with the shoppable tags displaying product details to set up their online social media shop.

It helps in providing real and trustworthy images of the product, which adds credibility to the brand, creates social proof, and in turn increases sales.

3. Rolls Into The Feeds of Shopoholics

With nearly 45% of the world’s population using social media, people are more attracted to the content on these digital platforms.

Brands can take advantage of these “eager to buy” customers, by converting their vibrant ads and images into shoppable products. When you create such posts, you give the customers a small and easy way to shop for their favorite products. 

While scrolling down their social media feeds, when customers find what they are looking for, it’s just a feast for them. 

With a perfect combination of “Shoppable attractive images’ and ‘ready to buy customers’, brands can boost engagement and sales.

4. Opens The Doors For Celebrity Influencers

Imagine yourself scrolling down your social media feed, and suddenly you see your idol superstar using some branded merchandise. Do you hold for a second?

Of Course yes! 

This is the basic tendency that people possess. Consumers have sympathy and a feeling of being alike towards the brand their favorite celebrities are endorsing.

With celebrities promoting the brand, brands can drive sales by increasing awareness, familiarity, and reliability towards the product. Thus, influencing the purchase decision of potential customers.

5. Strengthens Brand Sales & User Engagement

Such shoppable posts create direct transactions between your brand and the customer. The benefits that we discussed above have direct influence to improve their performance and increase brand sales and revenue.

Also, by displaying realistic and branded images with shoppable tags on social and digital channels, users can have direct & real-time interaction with the brand regarding their shopping thoughts & doubts. 

These Shoppable photos help you engage with your customers at a deeper level and get to know your customers better. You can explore what they love the most, what are their obsessions, and what holds them to scroll down your feed.

Boost Your Online Sales With Shoppable Social Content By Taggshop

How To Create Shoppable Images & Use Them

1. Shoppable Image Gallery On Website

Taggshop is a dedicated tool that helps brands to build trust, increase conversions, and grow sales by turning the social media & user-generated content into Shoppable Content

You can collect your brand feeds from social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc into a feed. You can also curate UGC around your brand hashtags & mentions from social media that features your products. 

Now you can integrate Shoppable tags to your collected images using the “Shoppable posts” feature. 

To create Shoppable photos or images with Taggshop, you need to follow these simple steps –

  1. Access Your Taggshop Free Trial Or Existing Account
  2. Create Your First Shoppable Wall
  3. Choose The Social Media Platform(s) To Collect Brand Images Or UGC
  4. You Can Upload Your Custom Images As Well
  5. Customize & Moderate Your Shoppable Wall
  6. Embed The Shoppable Wall On Website, Ecommerce, or Online Store

There are many more useful features like insightful analytics, real-time updates, responsive design, themes, CMS compatibility, etc. for enhanced performance.

2. Instagram Shoppable Images 

Instagram offers business profiles on its platform with Instagram Shoppable images feature. It allows the brands to tag products to the images they post. 

Using this feature, brands can add multiple products to a post. Users who engage with such a shoppable post can explore the products, pricing, information, and links to checkout pages.

This feature has been a popular choice among the brands and businesses of all scales. They have been exploring opportunities to expand social media marketing into social selling.

Wrapping It Up

Shoppable photos have proved to be the marketing treasure for the brands in this digital media addict world. It has shaped the way of purchasing by narrowing the path from inspiration to purchase

This helps the brands to bring the shop to the users instead of users going to the shop. This shoppable feature helps the brand to build a strong relationship with the customers. Also, it increase engagement, build trust, and improve sales.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Make Your Social Images Key Seller By Integrating Shoppable Experiences Through Taggshop