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Shoppable Instagram Feed – How To Set Up Instagram Shopping Feed & Get Sales

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Shoppable Instagram feed – a term that has been in trend among the ecommerce brands and online stores that sell physical products and services. 

Brands who sell online consider Instagram as the supreme social media platform for their marketing campaigns. And rightly so! As it brings the most potential to drive sales, traffic, and engagement. 

With the Shoppable Instagram feeds, brands can sell their products through content in a more streamlined and beneficial way. The shoppable Instagram feature provides direct opportunities for brands to turn content into conversions. 

This article gives you the perfect strategy to successfully create & leverage Instagram Shopping Feed – both on Instagram and your brand website

Let’s understand the basics first.Table Of Contents

What Is Shoppable Instagram Feed? 

Shoppable Instagram feed is simply a solution where brands can make their Instagram feed and user-generated content shoppable by tagging products to the feeds. Instagram provides the feature to create Instagram shoppable feeds on their platforms.

You can also create Instagram shoppable feeds for your website using Taggshop by collecting Instagram posts, tag products to make them shoppable, and publishing the shoppable Instagram gallery on your website.

Since the launch, shoppable Instagram has been immensely popular given its value for both brands and consumers. 

Consumers find Instagram a source of inspiration for discovering new & useful products/brands, engaging with brands, and buying products directly from Instagram.

Key Benefits of Instagram Shoppable feed for your brand

  • An easy and quick way to drive traffic from social media to website
  • Boost user engagement on the website through engaging & relatable content
  • Increase ecommerce conversion rate and brand sales with shoppable feeds
  • Generate higher average order value from customers
  • Build trust with user-generated content & inspire them to purchase
  • Deliver a more streamlined and hassle-free shopping experience
  • Combine sales with marketing efforts to boost brand promotions
  • Grow your revenue opportunities and performance of your campaigns

How To Create Shoppable Instagram Feed Using Different Ways

1. Instagram’s Own “Shoppable Instagram”

Instagram a few years ago launched its feature for brands to make their Instagram feed shoppable. The requirements for brands to use these features include the following:

  • They must have a business profile on Instagram.
  • They must have a Facebook page.
  • The Instagram app should be of the latest version.
  • The Instagram business account should be connected to Facebook Catalog.

Here are the simple steps to create Instagram Shoppable Feed:

Set Up Your Facebook Catalog & Shop

Initially, you need to set up a Facebook catalog for your products. You can do so on your Facebook page, which is connected to your Instagram business account. You can use Facebook business manager to set up your Facebook catalog. 

The catalog includes adding media files like images & videos of the products and the product details like price, name, and more. 

Enable Shoppable Feature On Your Instagram

Once you have created the Facebook shop and added products, now Go to your Instagram business profile and in settings – select Business and then click on Set up Instagram shopping.

Now follow the simple steps and then submit your request for review. Once the request is approved, then you can go on to following the next steps. 

Once your account is approved, you will see a notification that says, “Start tagging your products on Instagram”. Click on “Get Started” to enable the shoppable Instagram images feature on the app.

 Product Tagging To Instagram Posts

Once you upload your posts on Instagram, you will see an option to tag products to the Instagram feed. 

Select the option tag products and tap on the photo to tag the product from the Facebook catalog. Select products from the Facebook shop and click on “Done”. You have now successfully linked the Facebook product catalog with your Instagram account.

Tada! Your shoppable Instagram post is created successfully.

Shoppable Instagram feed

2. Embed Shoppable Instagram Feed On Website Using Taggshop

Here is a stepwise guide that will explain to you in detail how you make & embed Instagram Shoppable feed on your eCommerce website or online brand store.

1. Getting Started With Taggshop

The Instagram shoppable feed solutions by Taggshop are extremely powerful and result-driven. These are designed especially for online stores & eCommerce.

The features and functionality include collecting Insta posts, uploading & tagging products, getting UGC rights, design & customizing the Instagram Shoppable feed gallery, and publishing shoppable gallery on the website.

2. Collect Content From Instagram

1. Create your FREE Taggshop account or log in to your existing account.

2. Click on “Shoppable Galleries” in the sidebar; you will see your “First Shoppable Gallery” there. 

Here you can add a new Instagram Shoppable gallery. 

3. Click on the “Edit” button; the editor screen will appear with different social platform options

Shop Instagram Feed

4. Select “Instagram business” as the social media source to start collecting content from Instagram. 

5. Choose the feed type like hashtags, handle, mentions, or tagged depending upon the content you want to collect. 

  • Handle: Collect your own Instagram feed posts
  • Hashtag: Collect User-generated content from your hashtag(s)
  • Stories: Aggregate and embed your brand Instagram stories
  • Mentions & Tagged: Collect posts in which your brand has been mentioned or Tagged

6. Click on “Create Feed” and complete authorization securely. 

Instagram Shopping feed

Once you complete these steps, all your Instagram shoppable posts will appear in the editor of your Taggshop account.

3. Tag Products To Collected Instagram Posts

To make your Instagram Shoppable feed, you now need to add & tag products to your account. 

9. Now click on the “Add Products” button under the Product Catalog section in your editor sidebar

Shoppable Feed

10. You will see two options on the screen, i.e., Add Product or Import Product List

Import Product List: This option is to upload multiple products at once using the product CSV files. You need to follow the given sample format to upload products in bulk.

Add Product: This option is for uploading one product at a time. Fill in the necessary details in the pop-up to upload a single product.

As per your choice, you can upload all products at once or tag them one by one to your Shoppable Instagram feed. 

11. Now, To tag products to your Instagram feed, click on the “Tag Products” option in the Product catalog section in the sidebar.

Shoppable Feed Instagram

12. Click on the “Tag Products” option under each post of your Instagram feed to tag products to it and make it shoppable

Similarly, you can tag products to all your posts in your Instagram feed by just repeating the 12th steps. 

Kudos! You have now successfully created an Instagram shoppable feed. 

Now move on to customize and personalize your Shoppable Instagram gallery . You can do so using the design & filter section to change themes, styles, colors, fonts, and much more. 

Find the option to customize the CTA of your Shoppable gallery under the design & filter section. 

This will help you make your Shoppable gallery look engaging and appealing. 

4. Embed Shoppable Instagram feed on website

13. From the editor sidebar, click on the “PUBLISH” button at the bottom.

14. Choose your website CMS platform from the given options like HTML, Shopify, WordPress, Wix, WooCommerce, etc. 

Instagram Gallery Embed

Let’s choose HTML as an example. 

15. Now click on the “Get Code” button, an embed code will appear. 

17. Copy the provided embed code. Now paste it in the code of your website/webpage where you want to embed the shoppable Instagram Gallery on website

Tadaa! You have successfully created and embedded Shoppable Instagram gallery on your online brand store or eCommerce website. 

Shoppable Gallery

Why Add Instagram Shoppable Feed On Website?

It is a good thing that Instagram rolled out the shopping feature, making themselves a social commerce platform giving brands opportunities to get sales & revenue from their social marketing. 

A shoppable option is available on Instagram, but many online brand stores and eCommerce stores directly get their traffic on websites. 

Since a huge amount of traffic is coming from organic or direct sources instead of Instagram, this leads to brands missing out on opportunities to leverage the maximum benefits from their Instagram Shoppable gallery. 

Also, Instagram only allows you to make your own posts shoppable. There is no option to make Instagram user-generated content shoppable. 

Now UGC is more trustworthy, reliable, authentic, and influential content that can generate more conversions & engagement comparatively. 

Taggshop – Best Tool For Shoppable Instagram Feed

Wondering why you must choose Taggshop to create and embed Instagram Shoppable feed on your website? Here are a few reasons why:

  • Collect content from hashtags, handle, mentions, or stories
  • Get rights to your Instagram user-generated content directly from users
  • Easily tag products to posts & manage your inventory
  • Powerful & automatic moderation to maintain premium content quality
  • Detailed data insights to measure your Instagram Shoppable gallery performance
  • Quick integration on Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WordPress, HTML, etc. 
  • Fast, responsive, and seamless feed performance on website
  • Manage multiple shoppable galleries & feeds
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The marketing world is constantly evolving. Your competitors are constantly working on getting ahead of you in the race. 

If you’re an eCommerce business owner or a brand with an online store, then you just cannot sit back & relax as you need to leverage the Shoppable content.

Embedding Instagram Shoppable feed on your website is a phenomenal way to engage your website visitors. It can actually convert them into your loyal customers using social commerce. Taggshop can help you to do that easily.