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Shoppable Videos: Its Definition, Benefits, Examples, & Platforms

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Video marketing or content marketing holistically has evolved a lot as the need for engagement and valuable content rises. This has led to the emergence of Shoppable videos. 

Video is the most inspiring, engaging and exciting form of content, especially when used in the ecommerce or online shopping ecosystem. 

Shoppable Videos take online shopping to the next level. You get to pause the video, tap on the product you want to buy, and proceed with the purchase.

Yes, you read us right! Curious to know more about this incredible form of content? Keep reading and find out!

What Are Shoppable Videos?

“Shoppable videos are defined as a form of videos that allows users to shop the products as featured in the video in real-time. Thus, consumers can easily shop the products as seen in the video while watching the video.”

Shoppable videos have managed to unlock doors of endless opportunities for eCommerce brands. For example, 83% of brand marketers say video has helped them bring leads.

Shoppable Video

When one could only imagine the pictures being shoppable, shoppable videos have grabbed marketers’ attention worldwide. 

Shoppable videos let customers buy the products that are present in the video just by tapping on them. The more creatively engaging your shopping videos are, the more customers will click on them, resulting in higher click-through rates, engagement, and more. 

Feeling enticed to create your shoppable videos? Make sure to keep the following factors in mind:

  • Concise & informative
  • Convey your brand’s story
  • Highly creative & engaging

Make Your Social Videos Shoppable & Increase Conversions

The Emergence Of Shoppable Videos

With the advancement of online marketing & advertising technology, the way people shop has changed drastically. 

Today, almost every big and small eCommerce brand serves a seamless shopping experience to its customers by integrating social media and eCommerce, i.e., Social Commerce. 42% of surveyed brands plan to sell directly through social media sites, compared to 30% in 2020. 

content marketing

One of the most significant innovations of how eCommerce brands advertise is the introduction of “Shoppable Videos.” 

Due to the ever-growing neck-to-neck competition, marketers realized that delivering engaging videos to audiences is insufficient.

That’s where the concept of Shoppable videos came into the picture, which fulfilled this need of showcasing something unique to the customers. The shoppable videos empower eCommerce brands to deliver direct and instant sales. In addition, these videos drive action and improve the overall business growth. 

Benefits of Shoppable Videos For ECommerce Marketing

In the digital world, where everything is fast-paced, Shoppable Videos attract your audience and keep them in a saturated place. So let’s look at some of its benefits.

1. Easily Accessible Products By Customers

Shoppable video platforms such as Amazon Live act as an ultimate one-stop destination for customers to buy any product. 

For instance, they include links to the featured products that drive customers to a separate product page. Or they can also add products shown in shoppable videos to the cart.

Shoppable Instagram

Therefore, the customers don’t have to leave the page as they can add a product in the cart within the video itself.

2. Eye-Catching Visual Content to Amplify Engagement

By leveraging attention-grabbing content of shoppable videos, brands increase the chance to be seen and heard by their potential customers. 

Along with that, the video shopping platforms also allow customers to interact with you using a real-time chat option and let you showcase multiple products within the same video, making it cost-effective.

Shoppable video

It also means that you encourage people to engage with your brand appealingly.

3. Generate More Sales & Conversions Instantly

Every marketer’s main aim is to boost conversions, and shoppable videos help convert your website visitors into paying customers. 

Video content is the most impactful and expressive form of marketing that can successfully deliver both emotional and informational messages, instigating buying decisions.

In short, these modern marketing videos boost eCommerce conversion rate as users get more engaging, realistic, and diverse product information that helps in making purchase decisions.

Shoppable Videos Examples From Global Brands


In 2016, the British luxury clothing retail company Ted Baker launched a 3-minute shoppable video showcasing their autumn/winter 2016 fashion marketing campaign.

As a part of the brand’s advertising strategy, these videos allow customers to purchase the product being shown. 

The best part about these shoppable videos is customers can be equally involved in the product experience. 


For quite some time now, British luxury fashion house- Burberry has been experimenting with the shoppable videos – their visual marketing strategy. 

Back in 2012, the brand allowed shoppers to buy their collection of outerwear & accessories directly from the shoppable video on their website. 


The Italian retail clothing company Diesel created shop videos to celebrate their 30 years in Tokyo, Japan. 

Directed by the very famous Alexander Turvey, the video only has music. Also, it featured several Diesel models over which icons appear that showcase the clothes these models are wearing. 

The best part about the video is that it has a “Look Book” option for the users to save the items and follow a link to buy all the items from the Diesel store instantly.


Taking shoppable content to a whole new level, clothing and accessory brand- Kate Spade by including clickable shoppable video content in their marketing strategy. 

The brand launched a series of ads starring renowned faces like Anna Kendrick to find the video interesting & also get encouraged to buy all the featured clothes & accessories. 

To make shopping easier for the customers, Kate Spade’s marketing team to avoid disruption to viewers, the brand assembled all shoppable items into a list. The idea behind doing was to make the products clickable at the end of the video.


London based fashion label Lazy Oaf have included social media content within their eCommerce website. 

It offers ‘Insta-shop’ that displays their Instagram feed with shoppable links, which are integrated linked to from its Instagram channel.

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Top 4 Shoppable Video Platforms Brands can Leverage

The shoppable video platforms help brands gain popularity amongst their target audience, increase their brand reach & exposure.

With the increase in demand, the number of platforms to live-stream these videos multiplied.

So, let’s delve in to know more about these shoppable video platforms. 

1. Instagram

In 2018, Instagram introduced the Shoppable Instagram feature allowing brands to make their videos shoppable by giving the option to integrate eCommerce with the platform. Along with allowing users to save the items and shop from the business profiles (shoppable store-fronts).

Brands can now easily tag the products they show in the videos by adding a ‘Buy Now’ option to make them shoppable.

Shoppable videos

Although you can only tag five products in a video, customers can make purchases without leaving the platform.

2. YouTube

Over the years, YouTube has introduced several features to make videos shoppable. With its user base of over 2 billion globally, the platform is a shopping hub through videos.

Also, brands & advertisers can sync their Google Merchant Center to make videos shoppable by adding a call-to-action (CTA) button featuring product pages & items information. 

Youtube is the most popular video content platform and also the platform with the highest engagement rate. This gives brands the perfect opportunity to leverage shoppable videos.

3. Taggshop

Another shoppable video platform that is grabbing the eCommerce brands’ attention is Taggshop. It is a visual commerce platform that is helping brands turn their social content into Shoppable content. 

You can collect the Shoppable videos and embed them on a website, in-store, and more so that customers can buy the products shown in the videos in real-time. 

So, if you want to deliver a fulfilling shopping experience to your customers, Taggshop is your go-to.

Shoppable images

The platform allows you to curate videos from different social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Once curated, you can tag products to the videos and make them shoppable easily. 

Now you can publish these shoppable videos on your ecommerce store or brand website to drive more user engagement, inspire purchases, reduce cart abandonment, and most importantly, increase brand sales and revenue. 

4. Limescale

Talk about a platform that focuses entirely on live-stream shopping? Well, Livescale is just the right platform for you. It was found in 2016, and ever since then, it has been helping creators connect in real-time with media platforms. 

Limescale creates the perfect opportunity for brands to create personalized live-shopping experiences that would captivate and engage their target customers leading to increased conversions.

Limescale is easy-to-use for eCommerce brands. They get to sync their product catalog along with the live feed, facilitate a seamless purchase journey with on-spot checkout & transactions.

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Lining up with their buying process, eCommerce brands leverage these videos to boost their sales, provide a mindblowing shopping experience to the customers, drive conversions, and more.

It acts as a medium to connect with customers on a more personal level. Therefore, by getting your hands on these shopping videos, your brand will be able to stand out amongst your competitors. 

If you read the blog thoroughly, you’ll get the idea of how a shoppable videos marketing strategy works. And how it can benefit your brand in countless ways.