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6 Successful Social Commerce Examples & Best Tools

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Social commerce examples are popping every day. With the rise in eCommerce, social media consumption, and advancement in technology, we are witnessing a new wave in shopping i.e. Social commerce.

It is of no surprise that nowadays people are spending more of their time on social media. To an increasing extent, social media is becoming one of the main eCommerce channels. 

So, social media eCommerce is immensely crucial for brands now. This is why Social commerce has become one of the most popular marketing trends among brands. 

Social Commerce – A Brief Introduction

Social commerce is also known as social shopping. In simpler terms, this can be referred to as an unavoidable meeting point of eCommerce and social media where you tag your products into the social media content and allow users to buy it directly through this Shoppable content.


Leverage The Power Of Social Commerce And Increase Conversions

Social commerce examples from popular brands are an outline on how to find the correct method to convert social media networks into a sales platform.

However, knowing social commerce is not enough. You need to gain proper knowledge of how to apply it to your own business. To get you out from this trouble we have accumulated some of the best social commerce examples for different platforms starting from Facebook to Instagram and Pinterest. 

So, what are you waiting for, let’s dive in to know the best practices and latest social commerce examples.

Social Commerce Examples

Social Commerce examples will give you a clear insight into how leading brands use social commerce to gain sales and engagement. This will inspire you to take your social commerce game to the next level.

6 Best Examples of Social Commerce To Get Inspired

1. Jordan Take Advantage of Snapchat’s Top Priority

In 2018, Jordan the iconic line of shoes associated together with Snapchat to capitalize on the NBA All-Star game.

The brand offered all its consumers within a specific span of the field to obtain access to an exclusive launch sale. The offer was on its special edition Air Jordan III ‘Tinker’ shoe which was accessible within a certain court area where the game is played.

This integration of social media and shopping makes the sale more interesting and brings people together. It becomes a seamless experience for the customers to buy the shoes.

This is an excellent tactic to steer social media users to empower your marketing efforts and at the same time, increase your brand sales. Snapchat was a perfect choice as people do tend to make stories in such events.

2. Eureka Street Adds Shoppable Instagram & UGC Gallery

Eureka street furniture, a popular furniture store from Australia, is the perfect example of social commerce. They have added shoppable Instagram & shoppable UGC galleries on their website. 

Eureka Street Social Commerce

They have used Taggshop to create and publish both of these shoppable social galleries. Where shoppable Instagram gallery features their own Instagram brand posts. 

Shoppable UGC gallery features visual UGC from social media where they have been tagged or mentioned. With Taggshop, they curated this UGC from social media, tagged products to it, and then published on their website as “INSPIRATION

Leverage The Power Of Social Commerce And Increase Conversions

3. Dollar Shave Club- Strength of Social Proof

Another popular social commerce example is from Dollar Shave Club. It is the brands that can build the trust of their followers or break it.

Even though the present customers are not petrified to spend, therefore, brands should do everything possible to gain the trust of their customers.

One of the most important and valuable marketing tools for any business or brand is its social proof.

social commerce example 2

Using the positive feedback from your shoppers acts as a powerful social proof in an eCommerce space packed with competition. This will not only act as an infallible way to set yourself apart from the pack but also helps to build the trust of consumers. 

Take Dollar Shave Club example, they have a Pinterest board that is dedicated to the feedback of positive customers and unboxing photos.

This smart blend of user-generated content and social proof is a double-whammy of splendid social commerce in real life. It helps in gaining brand trust, authenticity, credibility, and more profitable returns.

4. Avon Make Smart Use of Messenger Chatbots

With the use of chatbots, customer engagement can be improved with a lot of fascinating opportunities.

Understand this by the example of Avon that used messenger chatbot smartly. Using a special plugin and camera filters it permitted them to test a lipstick shade before buying it.

Avon Chatbot

Using this social commerce concept you do not require to fabricate fancy AR filters to draw in more customers.

This is a vivid and noteworthy method through which you can also send a newsletter or distribute promo codes.

5. New Balance Makes Shopping Easy with Facebook Store

Facebook brings about 85% of all social media orders. Also, it is hardly any surprise that this platform is attempting to make a purchase even simpler.

New Balance, a leading brand globally also leverage the Facebook social commerce possibilities to make their products easily available to their audience.  

Social Commerce Examples

The shoppers can start shopping right away from the Facebook store section.

Their Facebook store helps audience to get insights into the products, gather all the relavant product information and proceed to buy the products through checkout CTAs.

6. MVMT Watches on Pinterest

To double the conversion rate, MVMT watches make use of the power of promoted pins on Pinterest.

As a result, this helps in bringing the highest average value for the orders they have gotten from any traffic source. 

MVMT social commerce

Deliberately picked items draw in more clicks, which leads clients legitimately to the checkout page for that product, permitting them to customize the watch and place it in their cart in mere seconds.

Its three-month campaign led the way towards more than 11,000 sales and 12-fold Pinterest traffic enhancement.

7. Shoppable Videos by Kate Spade

The best example of shoppable videos is Kate Spade which is an American luxury fashion design house.

They are able to rule this social commerce concept by creating a series of independent and complete episodes starring actress Anna Kendrick. 

Everything the actress wears in the videos is made by Kate Spade. At the end of episodes, it displayed an invitation for the viewers to purchase the items by way of their untangled buying process.

Best Social Commerce Apps & Tools

Here are some of the best social commerce platforms that you can use to leverage the features of social commerce and benefit like the social commerce examples we mentioned above. 


Taggshop is the most popular and excellent social commerce tool that provides you with a perfect solution to turn your social media content into shoppable content galleries.

With Taggshop, you can create and publish shoppable social commerce galleries on your website, in emails, in stores, social ads, and social media. 

Here are a few highlights of Taggshop that can help you become a successful social commerce example with increasing sales, trust, and revenue:

  • Collect and curate user-generated content from social media
  • Aggregate your brand’s social content from 10+ platforms
  • Tag unlimited products to the collect social posts
  • Customize and design your shoppable social galleries
  • Get rights to your social media UGC directly from users
  • Seamless publishing on website CMS like Shopify, HTML, & many more
  • Performance tracking  with detailed analytics

Indeed, even you can transform user-generated content into shoppable UGC. It permits users to shop the complete look as shown in the user-generated posts.

With this, you will get involved in a fulfilling and complete shopping experience. 

Convert Your Visitors Into Conversions Using Shoppable Social Galleries With Taggshop

Facebook Shop

Facebook shop is a social commerce app, businesses can set up a single online store for customers that fit both on Facebook and Instagram.

It is easy and free to generate a Facebook shop. From their catalog, businesses can pick the products they wish to feature on Facebook. Afterwards they can customize the look and feel for their shop. 

With accent colors they can create a cover image, featuring their brand.

This as a result will help small or big dealers to bring their business online. They can easily associate with the clients any place, and at whatever point it’s helpful for them.

Shoppable Instagram

Instagram permits you to add the product tags to your posts. Instagram introduced a feature for businesses and brands to sell products directly through their brand’s Shoppable Instagram feed.

Here they can turn their posts into Shoppable posts. Brands can tag products to the images in their posts and add “Checkout links” to the products.

However, you need to have a business page and have a product catalog associated with a Facebook page. 

In the event that you hit all the necessities and your application is evaluated, you’ll have the option to add 5 item labels to each shopping post.

Explore Taggshop & Integrate Social Commerce With Your Online Store To Boost Your Conversions & Sales


By going through social commerce examples and tools, you can recognize that it is a profitable journey of opportunities.

In present times, everyone is on social media, making it imperative for your brand to be there. With regards to making purchasing seamless, delightful, and simple, it truly doesn’t beat arriving at clients straightforwardly where they invest their energy online using social commerce.

Regardless of whether through empowering UGC or giving motivating forces to your supporters to rush to your storefront, remember the social segment of eCommerce.