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2023’s Top 11 Social Commerce Trends: From Social Media to Checkout

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Social Commerce Trends 2023: Get a comprehensive understanding of the key trends in Social Commerce in 2023 and the future that will surely empower your brand sales, marketing, and growth.

The line between eCommerce and social media is fading, giving rise to social commerce trends. Ever since it came into practice, brands have fetched better user trust, engagement, interaction, and conversions.

It gives the eCommerce conduct of business a definition by curtailing down its purchase journey, which has become essential because the user response has changed drastically. 

To know the top 10 social commerce trends dominating the market presently and will continue to dominate in the near future, make your way to the end of the blog, where you will also find a Bonus Expert Tip on Social Commerce trends. 

The Rise Of Social Commerce Trends

Social media users are spending a lot of time scrolling through their feeds. This pushed the brands to have an omnipresent presence, especially on social media platforms, to conduct business successfully. 

Social commerce trends grew as indisputable strategies for the eCommerce industry and will continue to grow in the upcoming years. 

Talking about facts, Instagram and Snapchat are taking the lead in generating sales from Gen Z, as they are spending 2x more shopping on social channels than an average consumer. Gen X, on the other hand, is inclined to Facebook. 

social commerce trends

Moreover, the rise of UGC and the dependency and trust that users have in it further gave brands a reason to make a switch to social media to sell. 

Conclusively, you can explore some examples of social commerce to see how it is convenient, compelling, and drives conversions easily for the brands. 

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Social Commerce Trends In 2023 & Beyond

Explore the key social commerce trends for 2023 and the future that will surely unlock the door to social marketing success and enhanced ROI.

1. Enhance Discovery Via Visual Shopfronts On Instagram

Users are making efforts to turn their inspiration into purchases. According to statistics from Instagram, 70% of shopping enthusiasts turn to the platform to discover products. 

Instagram’s visual storefront lets people shop from the pictures and videos irrespective of where they are in the app. The platform also facilitates customization with which brands can curate products into themes. 

social commerce trends 2023

Furthermore, discoverability is made easy by tagging the products with their descriptions. The brands can draw attention to products from their catalog not just in the feed but also in stories. It allows users to learn more about the product. 

Instagram is changing the way users shop by inspiring them with compelling visuals of the product, how other users are utilizing it, and the reviews they have. 

2. Selling Through Conversational Chatbots Is Picking Up

Social media began to facilitate conversations between people, the sole reason why connectivity platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp grew tremendously. Now brands are cutting an edge in cost and sales by an upgrade to AI capabilities via chatbots.

Using chatbots, brands do not need to have a person to answer the customers’ queries. It can make suggestions depending upon the customers’ selections, share product visuals, and ask for human assistance if needed. 

Users now dig personalized experiences more than ever. They connect more to brands that are rather quick and precise in their responses, making the use of chatbots a trend to look up to. 

3. Leverage Shoppable Instagram Feeds On Website

Shoppable Instagram is one of the most popular social commerce trends widely used by brands to activate their Instagram feeds into shoppable storefronts. 

With the emergence of platforms like Taggshop, brands are now able to bring the shoppable Instagram feed to their ecommerce websites or online stores to drive sales, traffic, and revenue. 

Instagram shoppable feed

Brands can collect their Instagram feeds and UGC from hashtags into a feed, tag products to the collected feed to make it shoppable, and then publish the Instagram shoppable feed on their website homepage, category page, product pages, or even create pages like “Inspiration” or “Shop Our Instagram” or “ Shop The Look.”

4. Collaborate With Micro-Influencers To Increase Reach 

According to Instagram, Influencers of the platform influenced 87% of the people in their purchase decisions. 

Irrespective of the industry you cater to, collaborating with influencers is always a great tactic when boosting your brand’s reach. Choose an influencer that caters to your niche and has a set base of followers. 

Micro-influencers specifically have a greater audience engagement percentage, and people listen to what they have to say. Brands can get into authentic, creative, and affordable partnerships with influencers and use their influence on every stage of the customer journey, from launching a new product to sharing reviews to generating sales.

Though this strategy has been in trend already, it still should be looked out for. 

5. The Need To Create A Frictionless Experience Multiplies

Creating a seamless experience for the user has become crucial. The faster and simpler you make it to checkout, the better is your chance to earn revenue by providing your user with an enhanced experience. 

Enable your customers to log out in a step by eliminating the “add to cart” option and letting them make the purchase directly by integrating shoppable UGC on ecommerce through product page galleries. This also reduces cart abandonment chances, which is a major concern for brands conducting business online.

Moreover, the fact that the users’ attention span has gone down tremendously makes it even important for the brands to create a frictionless experience for the users to gather more confidence and sales. 

6. More Social Media Platforms will Incorporate Social Commerce.

Instagram Shopping, Facebook Shops, and Pinterest Buyable Pins; all of these have upgraded their functionality to match with social commerce trends. Snapchat is another platform that is taking steps to introduce social commerce trends to its 229 million users. 

The platform is augmenting its AR and shoppability via lens-altered selfies to stand out amongst its competitors. 

Pinterest commerce

This trend is especially booming in China. Pinduoduo is an eCommerce platform that supports the use of it as a social commerce platform . One dependable reason for this is the WeChat mini platform, which has provided for the growth of social commerce trends in China, and it would probably expand in 2023. 

7. Customize Facebook Shops For A Greater User Experience

Using Facebook for business has become quintessential. So, your chances of already using the platform to upsell are relatively high, which means switching to Facebook shops can be the next step to conduct sales. 

One of the most important features of using Facebook shops is that they are customizable, allowing you to mold the user experience that aligns with your brand. 

Adjust the fonts, colors, and images as per your liking. You can also import the product catalog available on your website to the Facebook shop directly. 

Moreover, connectivity through the platform is easy and impactful. Facebook shops allow the brands to connect to their users on other Facebook platforms like Instagram, Whatsapp, or Facebook Messenger. 

8. Descriptive Live-Streams To Engage & Sell More

Live streaming is becoming increasingly popular amongst businesses for multiple reasons like showcasing new products, sharing tutorials or usage guides, discussing trending topics with industry experts, taking interviews, and more.

The video need not be of high-dimensional quality; low-budget productions are also working big time, as long as they can create utility. 

Live streaming gives the audiences a chance to know the business better through an authentic and interactive experience. The best part about live streaming is that it can be saved for later use, and the discussions can be continued in the comments. 

9. Gather Trust By Turning UGC Into Shoppable UGC 

User-Generated Content is dominating user behavior. 90% of the users find UGC helpful while making their purchase decisions. Potential users look up to the existing users’ reviews and recommendations and get largely influenced by their experience with the brand. 

UGC is an authentic way to market the brand. It generates trust and engages the audience in an efficient manner. Utilizing Content that displays the use of the product by your existing user can make a massive difference in how people perceive your brand. 

Eureka Street, a furniture brand in Australia, is the perfect example of adding shoppability on Instagram and integrating Shoppable UGC galleries on the website. 

trends in social commerce

They leveraged Taggshop to curate, tag products, and publish their shoppable social gallery on their website. It helped them in generating 15% more revenue, 132% engagement, and 2k monthly clicks. 

10. Economical Products – A Must Social Commerce Trend

People using social media platforms are majorly there to browse latest posts from their network, the ongoing trends, to find inspiration, or just to scroll and get entertained through the diverse content. But they are rarely there to make purchases entirely. 

Having a distracted state of mind already makes it all the more difficult to hold onto their attention. To overcome this issue, prioritize displaying low-cost products that have been performing well. 

Moreover, social commerce trends are still a relatively new concept. Buyers hesitate before buying anything expensive; hence laying primary focus on low-priced items has been in trend and is likely to continue in the foreseeable future. 

11. TaggShop Gallery Link

Adding a shoppable gallery link in the profile description of social media platforms is yet another social commerce trend that brands have been following, and it is most likely to continue. It has been helping brands to drive traffic from social media platforms and boost sales. 

Taggshop Shoppable Instagram Link feature allows you to convert your social posts into shoppable feeds by creating a unique URL for this feed. You can then share this link on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, and elsewhere to generate traffic, increase engagement, and improved sales. 

 It is becoming increasingly popular because it goes beyond Instagram’s popular “Link In Bio.” As you can curate visual or textual feeds from digital as well as social platforms, add CTA to make it empowered. 

Share this link with your users via emails, ads, signages, etc.

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Now that you know all the important social commerce trends 2023 and beyond to maximize your efforts to turn your targets into reality.