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Visual Marketing Strategy Guide To Enhance Customer Experience

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There is a lot of buzz about harnessing the power of visual marketing strategy and visual UGC to engage users with brand promotions and activities.

2022 for brands and marketers is all about visual marketing strategies. The importance of visuals is rocketing sky-high, given the penetration of social media into all aspects of human life.

It presents an incredible opportunity in front of the e-commerce industry to incorporate visuals into their marketing strategies. 

74% of marketers employ visuals into their content strategy. It indicates the significance of visual content marketing strategy in the growth of any online business.

What Is Visual Marketing In 2022?

With the constant progression of content marketing, marketers need to adopt new trends and strategies. Fast forward to 2022; viewers want content that is enticing, attractive, and dynamic at the same time. 

To cater to the customers’ demands, marketers need to incorporate fascinating images & videos in their marketing strategy.  

So defined, Visual marketing is when you employ visuals like enticing images, captivating videos, creative infographics, gifs, graphic designs, etc. into your marketing strategy. It helps your customers visualize your products better, engage with the campaigns, interact with brands, and make an informed purchase decision.

visual content marketing

Statistics say, 80% of the marketers use visual marketing strategy in their social media marketing activities. 

Marketers leverage this strategy to gain benefits from their online business. You may not realize it, but the number of impressions a single relevant visual incorporated in your blog or website can blow your mind.

Let us dive deeper into the pool of visual marketing strategies and explore the benefits of leveraging this strategy into your marketing plans.

9 Best Visual Marketing Strategies For You

Visual Marketing strategy is a set of ideas and tactics that employ visuals as an essential element of your marketing campaign. 

Here, we present the best visual content marketing strategies that hold ultimate relevancy as per the marketing scenario of 2022.

1. Let Your Customers Tell Your Brand Story

As they say, if you want to keep someone happy, make them the center of attraction. So, that is what you do with your customers. You make them the center of your brand journey.

Let their voice formulate your story. Incorporate images and videos to share your real customers’ brand experiences on your eCommerce website’s homepage, product page, dedicated pages, etc. 

Brand Story

That’s how you build a credible brand image where your customers advocate for your brand through their brand experience stories.

2. Provide A User-Friendly Experience

Besides being customer-centric, other factors contribute to the building of a successful Visual Marketing Platform. A significant factor has a user-friendly interface for your website.

When you include visuals as part of your website’s content, you increase the likelihood of your website visitors’ customer engagement. 

Let your customers have a personalized experience through images and videos at your eCommerce outlet that makes them revisit your online store for their next shopping session.

3. Being Mobile-Responsive Is Priority

Being a mobile-responsive Visual marketing strategy is no more an added feature but a necessity to survive the competition. 

With 54% of total visitors being mobile-driven and 30% of the total purchases being done through mobile phones, your Visual Commerce platform has to be mobile-responsive if it intends to succeed. 

Visual commerce

Your visuals must be adapted enough to suit different mobile screens. Make shopping a few clicks affairs for your users. So, make sure you optimize your visual content to make it suitable & seamless for mobile users.

4. Create A Visually-Engaging Consumer Journey

Be your customers’ friend throughout their shopping journey on your Visual Commerce website. When your customers come to your website, they may not very well know what they intend to buy. So, guide them throughout their shopping journey with the help of visuals.

Place relevant visuals of customer reviews and testimonials on your homepage to earn users’ trust in the first place. 

Later, place high-quality visuals on other webpages to describe the products better. It allows your users to visualize your products better and make informed decisions while making the purchase. 

5. Turn Your Social Into Sales

A visual marketing platform can help you turn your branded or user-generated social media content to earn user trust and increase eCommerce sales.

Shoppable Posts are today’s trends that you can create with the visual marketing platforms. They help you close the distance between discovery and purchase. 

All you need to do is discover your earned media over the internet, tag your products with these social posts, and embed them on your Visual Commerce website.

That’s it. Selling products by making your user-generated social media posts into shoppable social media content is a great way to earn user trust and drive them to the final point of purchase, that too, on your website. It avoids the need for redirecting your users to multiple pages to buy a product. It prevents confusion and abandonment of products in carts.

6. Employ UGC Marketing

User-Generated content is the most vital element of any visual content marketing strategy. UGC Marketing is the best way to employ a visual marketing strategy in your brand promotion strategy. 

UGC, i.e., User-Generated Content, also known as your earned media, includes visual marketing strategy wealth like social media posts, images, videos, testimonials, comments, etc.

These are created willfully by the users themselves. Hence, they are the most trustworthy form of brand marketing. They are attractive, engaging, and relevant visuals that enhance your brand marketing to a totally another level.

7. Stronger is the Community, Better Is The Brand Loyalty

Engage your customers with brand activities, thereby creating a community around your brand. 

The stronger this community is, the better is the engagement of your users with your eCommerce brand, and the more loyal the customers are. 

Visual Brand Community

This community is the one you can count on when it comes to producing advocates for your credibility and the great quality of your services and products.

These are your social proof. Build this community stronger by encouraging brand activities, contests, creative art submissions as per your brand requirement. These submitted visual entries can also be used as your user-generated content.

8. Alignment With Brand Image & Identity

Visuals are engaging and you are eager to use them in your marketing strategy but doing so without proper consideration and alignment can lead to negative outcomes for your visual marketing strategy.

The key point to consider is that people associate your promoted colors, themes, images, videos, etc. with your brand like you associate red color with Coca-cola instantly.

So, it is essential that you make the visual content strategically to align it with your brand theme and identity. Focusing on this will help you to build a strong presence among consumers and enable brand recognition through visuals.

9. Visual Marketing Mean Social

Coming to the most important element of visual marketing, social media platforms. If you want to successfully carry out a visual campaign, social media needs to be its nervous system.

Billions of users globally log in to their social media profiles daily and consume content especially visuals. This is why, Instagram & YouTube are 2 most popular platforms.

So, it is essential that you make sure of executing your visual content marketing plan on major social profile and even leverage the social visual content on other marketing channels through visual marketing platform.

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Best Visual Marketing Examples

1. Wayfair

Wayfair is an American company that sells furniture & home products. A perfect example of visual marketing where they use Instagram to promote & sell their products. 

Wayfair Visual Marketing

They use enticing images & captivating videos of well-planned and pleasing home decor setting displaying their products. The presentation of their products is so flawless and visually-appealing that they capture the users’ attention immediately. 

Be it the color scheme, product aesthetics, realistic approach, etc. are all aligned perfectly. 

2. National Geographic

A television network with over 130 million followers on Instagram & 46 million on Facebook is ruling the visual marketing ecosystem. A channel about earth & its adventures does the same for their social profiles. 

Firstly, they have a stunning gallery of photos and videos captured by professional photographers with the power to show the “magic & truth of the earth” with just a picture.

Nat Geo Visual content marketing

They create an experience around their visuals of cultures, people, places, animals, etc. that gets engagement from millions of users, broader reach, and much more. 

NatGeoYourShot, a profile of NatGeo where they share user-generated visual content is also quite popular among the users with over 3 million followers. 

3. Nike‘s Visual Marketing

As you saw the name, you might have recalled a Nike advertisement with captivating video, sports & athletes, inspiring music & words, intriguing sound, and maybe more. 

Nike has been at the top when it comes to leveraging visual storytelling for marketing. They create engaging video ads filled with emotions that attract users. 

NIke Instagram Content

The highlight is that their videos might talk about diverse things but in the end, it all boils down perfectly to their tagline “Just Do It” leaving the viewers motivated and awe-inspired. 

The Benefits Of Visual Content Marketing Strategies

Whether you are a small business figuring out to set up your Social Commerce platform or a well-established enterprise already earning revenue from its Visual Commerce store, visual content marketing holds importance for every business with an aspiration to have an online presence.

1. Create Exclusive Brand Identity

Walking into the visual era of marketing, marketers have utilized this concept to give their brands a unique identity. Visual content personifies the brand. 

It helps the brands to spotlight its products to catch the customer’s attention. 

Customizing your branded content with exciting and attractive visuals have changed the way customers perceive the brand product. This visual content gives your brand a credible image.

The “Swoosh” or tick sign is automatically associated with Nike or red-coloured drink related to Coca-Cola. So, visuals become a brand identity.

2. Enable The Perfect Storytelling

With passing time, customers have diminished their desire to digest the written one-dimensional content, instead they have transformed into visual content addicts. 

Visual content marketing shows the product story instead of explaining it in words. As it is true that visuals entice emotions and better engagement, this combined with a perfect brand or campaign storyline can significantly impact consumers. 

The stories or a visual journey show how a product came into existence, its real-life value, how it ignites emotions, and how users can connect more easily. 

According to statistics,

  • People remember 20% of what they READ and 650% of what they SEE.
  • Customer testimonials with vibrant images result in a 102% increase in emotions.

3. Grab Your Users Attention Instantly

As you know, humans can grab an image faster than textual content. It is what visual content does. It grabs the attention of the customers and holds him for a more extended period. 

According to statistics,

  • People follow purchase funnel 323% better with text and visuals as compared to text only.
  • Users are 80% likely to read your content if it’s presented in visual form.
  • Customers who watch a product video are 85% more likely to purchase that product.

Visual marketing has an impactful hit on customer’s engagement with brands. The span of customer’s attention is reducing gradually, and visual marketing is how to capture your user’s attention. 

4. Express More & Connect Better

By creating visual content, marketers can increase the shareability of the content. Visual content connects with the emotions of the customers and makes them feel sympathetic about the product.

Long texts are boring and tiresome, which does not connect much with the audience compared to visual content. In this image-addict world, customers find it easy and convenient to communicate via images and videos, making the whole process hassle-free.

5. More Relatable & Authentic With UGC

By utilizing User-Generated content as your visual display helps the customers to increase their loyalty for the brand and build trust towards its products.

As users can relate better with images & videos that have been uploaded by people like them based on their genuine experiences, satisfaction levels, value-based opinions, and more.

Visual content displaying customers with branded products authenticates the brands and makes them look genuine. It helps the brands to attract new customers.

Brands can showcase the content by its users to gain popularity and enhance its relationship with the customers. It adds to the credibility of the brands and hence makes it more reliable and trustworthy.

6. Activates More Clicks & Higher Conversions

The aforementioned benefits are all relevant to the journey that leads a consumer to conversions. Content is known to be highly essential to convince consumers to make a purchase. 

When you employ an engaging visual marketing strategy, it amplifies the possibilities of conversions even more as the user engagement increases, audience reach intensifies, more information is delivered, and even more relatability & authenticity is built through visual content. 

So, if you effectively leverage visual content in your marketing, it can help you improve your conversion rate and generate more revenue. 

Visual content has more capacity to drive conversions by creating an attractive call-to-action. Therefore, it is a much better way to increase sales.

Taggshop: The Visual Marketing Platform

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You can customize the visual content according to your marketing needs, add personalization, themes, designs, elements, CTA, and more. 

Then you get the moderation possibilities to keep the best visual content and remove irrelevant & non-useful visual content. 

The best part is that you can turn your visual content into Shoppable visual feeds and display them on websites, eCommerce, etc. to drive traffic, engagement, and, most importantly, conversions.

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These are some of the most effective Visual marketing strategies that will help you grow your Visual Commerce business in 2022. 

Start incorporating visuals into your visual content marketing strategy and see the amazing results by yourself.