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Empower Social Proof With Reviews & Ratings

Collect, curate, and showcase customer reviews and ratings on your online store to build trust, credibility, reliability, and grow revenue.

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Leverage Powerful Social Proof & Drive ROI

Turn your customers into the best marketers by displaying reviews and ratings generated by them.

Let Your Customers Be The Marketers

Let Your Customers Be The Marketers

  • Trustworthy and authentic customer reviews lead up to 91% increase in conversions

  • 95% customers read reviews about products and services while shopping online

  • Showcase customer reviews to amplify the users’ voice and positive experiences

Strengthen Social Proof, Sales, & Growth

Strengthen Social Proof, Sales, & Growth

  • Reviews are the perfect engine to drive brand trust, credibility, and authenticity

  • Consumers interacting with UGC reviews are 2x more likely to convert

  • Positive reviews and word of mouth by consumers enables unmatchable brand growth

Collect, Curate, & Publish Reviews & Ratings

Collect, Curate, & Publish Reviews & Ratings

  • Curate and showcase user reviews and ratings to win shoppers trust

  • Collect on-site visual reviews and rating directly from authentic customers

  • Leverage visual and textual reviews across online store to inspire and sell more

  • Publish reviews in your social ads, google shopping ads, and more to maximize ROI

Shopping Driven By Information & Inspiration

Shopping Driven By Information & Inspiration

  • Reviews instill a sense of confidence among the shoppers for validating their purchases

  • Users can seamlessly make informed shopping decisions without cart abandonment

  • Highlight reviews at key touchpoints to enrich shopping experience and upsell products

Smart Content Curation & Product Tagging
Powered By Trusense

A powerful visual curation and tagging assistant fueled by advanced machine learning

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  • Intelligent content filtering fueled by AI and machine learning maintain premium content quality and relevancy.

  • Seamlessly discover products through suggestions and tag products instantly to the posts with a smart tagging assistant.

  • Automated TruSense moderation to make sure you only collect the most valuable content from social platforms

  • Get insights into user sentiments, analyze content themes, and identify brand advocates quickly through content analytics

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Sync Product Catalogs
Sync Product Catalogs

Sync your product catalog directly from platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, and more.

UGC Rights Management
UGC Rights Management

Get users’ content rights directly from the users and repurpose approved UGC without any legal restrictions

Interactive Hotspots
Interactive Hotspots

Enable shoppable hotspots to highlight the tagged products in your gallery and make it more interactive for users.

Creative Customizations
Creative Customizations

Leverage diverse themes, customizations, styles, and designs to make your gallery more engaging, exciting, and branded.

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